Portrait Artist Parrish Cooper

THE PRELIMINARY MEETING:  At our first meeting (your home or office, or Parrish’s studio/gallery) Parrish would like to see, if possible, where the painting will hang.  Parrish will ask important questions which require thoughtful answers:  Is the portrait to be formal or informal?  What clothing will be worn?  What size will the painting be?  What should the background be?  Parrish will offer guidance on all of these questions. Based upon your decision she will provide you with your fee quote. 

THE DEPOSIT: A nonrefundable Deposit of 50% is due along with the signed Commissioned Agreement, which occurs before the First Sitting which may be at your home of office, or Parrish's studio/ gallery.

THE SITTINGS:  At the start of each portrait assignment, Parrish customarily conducts two-90 minute sittings, ideally on consecutive days, The major portion of the first session is devoted to creating photographic reference material.  One great advantage of the camera is that it can be used as a sketchbook creating a variety of poses from which to choose. At the second sitting a few more photographic sketches are made, and Parrish will also do charcoal sketches of the client for further reference. 

The portrait is then based on this reference material as well of her impressions of the client.  Parrish will further discuss background possibilities with the client, color choices, lighting, and more.  When a portrait is to be life sized, sculptures  calipers will be made to accurately measure the dimensions of the clients head.  Above all else, Parrish’s primary goal is to achieve a final portrait which is an excellent likeness of the client in a manner which shows the clients best features in a unique and painterly style. 

THE CLIENT’S APPROVAL BEFORE PAINTING BEGINS: Before Parrish begins painting the Portrait, a computer-generated “study” showing an approximation of the final framed Portrait is forwarded to the client for Approval. 

PORTRAIT FRAMING:  Although the cost of framing is not included in Parrish’s fees, it will be available to assist the client in the frame selection process.  Clients preferring custom hand-carved frames will need to make a selection early on as each custom-made frame takes several weeks to finish.

THE DELIVERY: After Parrish has completed the portrait, a photo of the portrait will be sent for approval along with the invoice of the balance due plus shipping and taxes.  If changes need to be made on the portrait, Parrish will make the changes before shipping.  When the invoice in returned to Parrish with full payment, the portrait will then be shipped to the client.  At the completion of the commission and acceptance by the client the remaining 50% is due.  Turn around is approximately four to six months from the date of the Commission Agreement.  (Special arrangements can be made for timely unveilings).

PAYMENT METHODS: Mastercard/ Visa/ American Express/ Discover/ Paypal/ Check